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Here for you as you nurture your little ones
Nutrition. Lactation. Education.

About Harmony

Harmony Nutrition & Lactation, LLC assists families of color in achieving more positive outcomes through early nutritional guidance around relationships between food and health.


We offer preconception, prenatal, postpartum, infant, and preschool nutrition counseling as these are critical times in both a woman and a child’s life in determining health outcomes and developing habits.

  • Nutrition Counseling and Plans

  • Lactation Consultations

  • Family Sessions

  • Classes

  • Group Presentations and Workplace Training

News and Upcoming Events:


"I would highly, highly recommend Rachel and Harmony Nutrition & Lactation, LLC. I prayed to have some assistance with my journey with my twins and I found Rachel through paperwork for my twins from the LC when my babies were in the NICU. Rachel is so patient, kind and understanding and I truly appreciate her. I am so glad I found her because I think I would have still had feelings of discouragement and despair about not being able to nurse because I didn't get the help I needed. Thank you Rachel. You truly are lifesaver for me and my family" ~Xiomara

"I would HIGHLY recommend Rachel for any of your lactation needs. I was having a painful latch to my right side and I was on the brink of stopping breastfeeding. My doula recommended Rachel and I’m so thankful she did. Rachel really was hands on, throughly explained positioning and latching and helped me to develop an eating schedule for my baby. I felt very comfortable throughout the process and she even followed up a few days later to make sure everything was going okay. Don’t give up, before you do contact Rachel!!You’ll be so glad you did. I wish I would have contacted her sooner. It was worth it!" ~Veronica 


"The services offered by Harmony Nutrition & Lactation are top tier. I have always revered Rachel and her work on a professional level - so when I was in need of lactation services, she was who I knew to seek out. Rachel is such a sweetheart and her calm, genuine, and kind demeanor is very understanding and helpful. She is an intent listener and listened to my concerns and addressed each one. She is extremely knowledgeable and it’s very evident in her approach and practice. I highly recommend working with her in any and all capacities. I suggest her to any and all people I interact with who are expecting/breastfeeding." ~ Reatna


"I enlisted Rachel prior to the arrival of my little one. She was responsive, knowledgeable and timely when it came to my questions. She was extremely patient as we worked through some latching issues and made me feel more confident about feeding my little RJ. I highly recommend Harmony Nutrition & Lactation! "~ Terrin


"I worked with Rachel Davis, she is absolutely amazing, professional and knowledgeable. She helped me throughout the process and gave me great tips that were so helpful. I highly recommend Rachel! She is the best!" ~ Murielle


"Honestly couldn’t have asked for a better person to guide us through the breastfeeding experience. 10/10 would recommend." ~ Jam

"Rachel is the best at what she does! Love her! I would recommend her for all mommies!!" ~ Leah

"Rachel goes above and beyond!!! I am a first time mom to a now 4 month old baby girl who is thriving very well thanks to Rachel. She is extremely thorough, attentive, caring, and personable. Even came to me at my convenience for an assessment which was super nice especially with a newborn at the time and never felt rushed. I continue to lean on Rachel as my daughter grows and we experience new phases together. She always answers all of my questions and concerns regarding lactation and will further direct me to reputable websites for additional info I can read at my leisure. Lastly, I cannot rave enough about the bi-monthly Cocoa B.E.A.N.S. meetings geared towards helping and educating women of color on the importance of breastfeeding and allowing moms to share their personal experiences, tips, and tricks in a fun, safe and warm environment. Hands down Rachel is THE best lactation consultant I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. She is my number one resource for all my lactation needs. Highly recommend Harmony Nutrition & Lactation!!" ~ Emma


"Rachel has been extremely helpful on this journey. She works diligently to help all moms feel comfortable breastfeeding. She has also created a very safe space for women to get the information and support they need. If you need help, she's the one to call." ~ Racquel

"Rachel is seriously wonderful! She is responsive, professional, knowledgeable, and above all else caring. She takes the time to ensure both mom and baby are comfortable. She goes above and beyond to answer any questions and address any concerns. Could not recommend her enough." ~ Jessica

"If you’re looking for personable, helpful, and knowledge- based service, then Rachel is perfect for you!! Breastfeeding is a journey, and you need an advocate in your life who is professional and well- informed yet approachable and warm, and I honestly found all of that in Rachel. I’m so glad to have been connected to her via the Big Latch because I know without all of her much- needed advice, I may have given up on my breastfeeding journey a long time ago. Thank you Rachel for truly being an expert in your field ❤️" ~Shaneice

"Rachel is SO sweet and helpful. There's no shaming or judgement. She gives tips and tools that you can start using right away, no matter your goals. I had my first session with her today and I'm very excited! Thanks so much, Rachel!" ~ Susan

"Rachel’s expertise was just what my breastfeeding journey needed. She is so knowledgeable and professional and made our consultation so productive. Breastfeeding can present its challenges and its easy to feel overwhelmed but Rachel’s demeanor and spirit are so calming and reassuring and I felt so renewed after our session and hopeful that I could meet all of my goals with the tools she equipped me with. No one should feel that breastfeeding is something they are not cut out for. Before giving up or giving in, call Rachel. You and your little one will be so thankful you did." ~ Karen


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