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Teach your baby to eat local. Breastfeed.

Lactation Services 

**Services offered in-home or virtually through a secure video platform**

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Nourishing your baby is an intimate matter, but it can be a tricky one to approach alone. Whether it's your first baby or your fourth, we can help you achieve the feeding experience you want. We offer best practice lactation services from pregnancy through weaning in a relaxed, unrushed, environment of your choice.  

Why Breast Milk?

The Best Nutrition for Baby

Breastfeeding is the way all babies are meant to be fed. It is the safest way to feed your baby and can make life easier for the whole family. Breast milk is always ready and 

contains live cells. It has over 200 vitamins and minerals that your baby can digest easier than those in formula or cow's milk and is essential to your baby's brain, nervous system and visual development.

Beneficial to You

Breastfeeding reduces your risk of breast and ovarian cancers.You may also have stronger bones, and quicker weight loss and recovery from childbirth.



Breast milk is warmth, nutrition and love all rolled into one

Regulates Hunger and Fullness Cues

Breastfed infants tend to have better control over the amount of milk they consume because they rely on internal hunger cues to eat rather than external cues to finish eating. This makes them less likely to struggle with medical conditions and complications related to overweight or obesity as they grow.

Bonding between You and Baby

The loving interaction between a mother and her baby often helps the two get to know each other better, and helps newborns feel safe, learn to socialize and decreases their risk of failure to thrive.

  • We partner with Lactation Network to provide you and your family with more options for obtaining services. 

  • You may be covered for both in-home and virtual visits if you have:

    • BCBS PPO (or subsidiaries: Anthem, Horizon, etc.)​

    • Cigna PPO

    • United PPO​​

    • Click here to see if you are covered: 

  • In the event your visit is not covered, we can provide a Superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement , or you can pay out of pocket*

*Monthly payment plan and sliding scale options available
Additional $25 for Weekend and Holiday consultations
Initial Lactation Consult
Customized to include:
  • Detailed health history
  • Infant and maternal anatomy assessment
  • Feeding assessment with positioning and latch support
  • Infant weight assessment with specialized scale
  • Plan of care
  • Written report to your pediatrician and/or healthcare provider (if desired)
  • Helpful resources
  • Phone, text and email support for up to 2 weeks
Twins: $250
Prenatal Lactation Consult
Whether you need general breastfeeding education about what to expect when your baby arrives or you have specific concerns that require more in-depth preparation, we will meet with you to discuss your nursing goals and how you can achieve success.
Pump Planning Consult
Current Clients: $140

Nervous about how you are going to juggle pumping and bottle-feeding when you go back to work?

This consult includes:

  • Detailed health history

  • Customized pumping plan

  • Calculation of how much milk you need to pump each day

  • Daily pump schedule

  • Milk storage guidelines

  • Handouts to educate your childcare provider about bottle feeding the breastmilk-fed baby

Follow-up Lactation Consult
Twins: $225
In-depth return visits are sometimes needed, and are offered individually or in packages. During this time we will continue to discuss your specific lactation needs and repeat many of the assessments from the initial visit
Current or previous clients only
Infant Weight Check
Twins: $125
Quick in-home weight checks can be helpful to confirm that nursing is going well but do not include the in-depth clinical care of a follow-up visit. If a concern is identified,  you will be strongly advised to consult with your physician, lactation consultant, therapist and/or other provider for additional care. 
Current or previous clients only
Phone Follow-up

Are your packages up, but you have a question for me?

Book a phone call with me and let's chat!

Please note phone consults are usually ineligible for health insurance reimbursement

Current or previous clients only
Lactation Service Packages
Prices vary - contact for more information

These packages are flexible and can be tailored to meet your individual needs. They allow you to work with us for several months and typically include the following:

  • Harmony P.E.A.C.E. Box as a special gift

  • Additional Maternal Nutrition Support

  • Prenatal Lactation Consult

  • Initial Postpartum Lactation Consult

  • Infant Weight Checks

  • Pump Planning Consult

  • Follow-up Lactation Consults (as needed)

  • Phone Follow-ups (as needed)

  • And more!



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